Lim Tat


Experience:since 2006
Areas:Family, Construction, Business & Construction
Qualifications:Maxwell Mediators Singapore

Tat is a certified mediator with many distinguished mediation panels.

Highly rated by lawyers and parties for whom he has acted as a mediator, Tat is reputed for his ability to effect a positive outcome by developing a rapport with lawyers and parties, and enabling lawyers become partners in the mediation process.

He is known to lawyers and parties as a mediator who is committed, enthusiastic and motivated at helping parties find a resolution, and treating parties with fairness and respect. He has successfully mediated a broad spectrum of cases, from commercial and relational conflicts to cross border multiparty disputes involving infrastructure and construction disputes to public interest disputes involving environmental and social concerns. Many of his cases are settled against the backdrop of ongoing litigation or arbitration.

He is honoured to be the recipient of the State Courts’ Outstanding Court Volunteer Award for his contribution to mediation, the first Singaporean mediator to be elected as Distinguished Fellow of the International Academy of Mediators (USA) and awarded the Weinstein JAMS International Fellowship. He serves the mediation community as Chair of the Society of Mediation Professionals, a board member of Singapore Mediation Centre and a member of the IMI Independent Advisory Committee.