What is dispute resolution?

Well, what IS Dispute Resolution?
Dispute Resolution is the process of reaching some sort of settlement between you (and/or your organisation), and someone else (and/or their organisation). Usually, the best way to resolve a dispute is through direct negotiation with each other.

But when talks break down or there are some other barriers to discussion, then things can escalate very quickly and become hugely stressful.

So at times like these you need a professional by your side to help you reach a settlement in the way that's best for you. Welcome to Reso-X. We're here to help you find the most suitable professional, as easily and as smoothly as possible.
So what is a DRP?
A DRP is a Dispute Resolution Professional. A DRP is an experienced and qualified professional lawyer, arbitrator, mediator or a conflict coach.

Every DRP we list features different combinations of qualifications, skills and experience, giving you the best possible opportunity to find the strongest and most appropriate DRP to help you.
Does Reso-X screen or audit its directory of DRPs?
No. Simply put, Reso-X is a marketplace for people to be introduced to a set of suitable DRPs based on their search criteria. We aim to expedite the stressful process of researching and deciding on the professional help you require, and initiating stress-free contact. It is ultimately up to you and your selected DRPs to decide whether you are the right combination to work with each other.

Reso-X cannot be held responsible for any misrepresentation of either or both DRPs and disputants. Please refer to Terms and Conditions / Disclaimer.
I sometimes see the same DRP twice in different roles. Is this right?
Some DRPs are professionally qualified in more than one role. For example, many of the lawyers we list are also trained and experienced mediators. So we allow them to list themselves separately for each of the main roles where they are qualified, because the experience and references they may wish to emphasise to you for each of their roles may be different.

There is however a maximum limit of two listings per DRP.
How does Reso-X present the most suitable DRPs?
DRPs are able to list their services for each of their roles in only their top two areas of expertise. For example a DRP may be most skilled at, among other things, working on "business and contractual" and "property" disputes. We present a selection of DRPs that most closely match the criteria you select, plus other criteria such as the region or country where you'd need them to be to help you.

The DRPs are selected in RANDOM order, so that each suitable DRP has an equal chance of being displayed to you.
I’ve been issued with a letter of demand from a legal firm, what should I do?
Use our Reso-X Dispute Advisor to decide on the dispute resolution process that best suits your needs and understand the pros and cons of each process.

Next use our Reso-X Search to shortlist DRPs based on your search criteria and use our contact form to enquire about getting help. DRPs that you choose will then contact you for an initial discussion. You don't have to select anyone of course, and Reso-X is FREE for you to use.

About ResoX

What is ResoX all about?

ResoX is a powerful, innovative way of connecting individuals, small or medium-sized organisations who find themselves involved in disputes, with the most appropriately skilled and qualified Dispute Resolution Professionals, be they lawyers, arbitrators, mediators or conflict coaches.

Who is ResoX for?

Anyone who finds themselves subject to a claim from another person or organisation, or who wishes to pursue someone or another organisation can use ResoX to identify the right professional to help them from our extensive list of Dispute Resolution Professionals.

Is ResoX right for me?

If you or your organisation finds yourself in a dispute with another, and negotiation has broken down leaving the fear of an expensive escalation, then ResoX is your FIRST STOP to find the most appropriately qualified and experienced professional to help you.


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