James Mangerere

James Mangerere


Areas:Business & Contractual, Banking, Finance & Insurance, Workplace / Employment

An International & East African based mediation professional with over 20 years’ experience as a commercial and workplace arbitrator, mediator, mediation facilitator, master trainer in mediation, labor law specialist and Industrial relations. I am well known for my mediation aptitude in settling multiple contentious disputes (two party or multiple parties) in business and commercial practice, employment, family, community, professional malpractice and Intellectual property infringement.


I am humbled to be a Distinguished Fellow at the prestigious International Academy of Mediators and the first from the African continent. I am also the Mediator of the Global Mediation Panel of the Office of the Ombudsman for UN Funds and Programmes. I also serve as member of IMI Independent Appraisal Committee and a Member of the Board of Directors of International Mediation Institute (IMI) Netherlands. As a distinguished mediation professional, I am also proud to be;

Certified mediator by (chartered institute of arbitrators UK (Kenya chapter)
Certified Professional Mediation Trainer (MTI International)
Certified workplace mediation trainer (MTI International)
Certified workplace mediator (MTI International)
Certified Conflict Dynamics Profile Specialist
Certified divorce and family mediator (MTI International- East Africa)
Certified trainer in divorce and family mediation
Certified trainer of trainers in Mediation and Judicial settlement
Chartered Mediator (Institute of Chartered Mediators & Conciliators)
Master Professional Mediation Trainer (MTI International)


As the Founder and President of Mediation Training Institute East Africa and a sought after speaker and trainer in mediation, I continue to advance the professional practice of mediation through a raft of skill training and certification programs in Mediation for professionals in different industries and consulting for companies and International organizations.