Girija Krishan Varma

Girija Krishan Varma


Areas:Intellectual Property, Construction, Business & Contractual

Girija Krishan Varma (Ms), is a Certified Mediator, FCIArb Arbitrator, Intellectual Property (IP) Expert & Legal Counsel.

As a Mediator, Girija has successfully mediated about 200 pre- & post-litigation disputes between Corporates, cross-border commercial and IP matters, domestic matters like family matrimonial, property related and succession plans. Some of the settlements are patent disputes, between TV Channels, Web Technology, & Entertainment, Construction Telecom Companies, helping parties determine the Licensee fees, handling Well-known Trademarks, & Copyright issues, Shareholder -Investor matters, Marital & Family disputes,  etc.  Girija closed a mediation in 2 weeks for a case pending before Court for 27 years.