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Commercial Disputes Video 7 – Should cross-border disputes be litigated?

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Should cross-border disputes be litigated?

Most businesses dream of expansion to other countries, but cross-border disputes can be especially onerous. The first instinct is to sue, but is this the best option? In video 7, Girija Krishan Varma shares her thoughts on the frame of mind businesses should have when they encounter cross-border disputes.


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大多数企业都梦想着扩展到其他国家,但跨境纠纷可能尤为繁重。第一反应是诉讼,但这是最好的选择吗?在我们的 “专注商业争端” 第七集视频中,Girija Krishan Varma分享了她对企业在遇到跨境纠纷时应该采取的心态的看法。


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