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Commercial Disputes Video 3 – What is the difference between arbitration and mediation?

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What is the difference between mediation and arbitration?

In our third “Disputes Demystified Campaign: Focus on Commercial Disputes” video, Henry Heng from Kennedys Legal Solution discusses the differences between #mediation and #arbitration. Arbitration is akin to #litigation but with less formality. #Arbitrators, often industry experts, make decisions similar to judges, outside of a courtroom setting. Mediation is a consensual process where parties control the outcome. It’s about resolving differences amicably. Unlike litigation or arbitration, mediation doesn’t result in a final judgment or award. This client-centred approach can save time, costs, and stress.

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在我们的 “专注商业争端” 第三集视频中,来自肯尼迪律师事务所 (Kennedys Legal Solution) 的 Henry Heng 讨论了调解和仲裁之间的区别。仲裁似于诉讼,但形式较为宽松。仲裁员通常是行业专家,类似于法官,在法庭之外做出决定。调解是一种自愿的过程,当事方掌控结果。这是一种友好解决分歧的方式。与诉讼或仲裁不同,调解不会导致最终判决或奖励。这种以客户为中心的方法可以节省时间、成本和压力。

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