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Commercial Disputes Video 2 – How could companies avoid unnecessary litigation?

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How could companies avoid unnecessary litigation?

Alan Limbury, an Australian #mediation and #disputeresolution expert, offers practical guidance for small business owners looking to steer clear of unnecessary #litigation. Discover the benefits of #mediation, a valuable tool favored by in-house counsels, and gain insights into its use. Learn how early intervention and #negotiation can help prevent #disputes from escalating and save your business time and money.


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艾伦·林伯瑞(Alan Limbury),一位澳大利亚的调解和争端解决专家,为小企业业主提供避免诉讼的指导。了解调解的好处,这是一种受公司内部法律顾问青睐的有价值工具,并深入了解其使用。了解早期干预和谈判如何帮助防止争端升级,从而为您的企业节省时间和金钱。

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